The First iHostPoker TV Commercial

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the team.  LOTS OF CASINO PARTIES being hosted in and around Houston by none other than the very best…iHostPoker!  But not too busy to take a few moments out of a large event at the Omni Hotel in order to write, direct, film, and produce the first of many to come (drum roll please…wait for it…)

iHostPoker TV Commercial

Have a seat because you as our special guest at the iHostPoker Blog site will get to preview the spot before it is ever aired live.  Be the first to provide us with you feedback to receive a special iHostPoker gift!

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed making it!  Now it’s time for a little self indulgence.  In preparation for the obvious CLIO AWARD nominations that will be coming our way, we want to recognize the talent that has gone into the making of our 1st commercial.  You can cast your votes on the iHostPoker FACEBOOK page at


The first category we want to recognize is for BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR.  This category recognizes outstanding HEADS-DOWN performances from MIKE and RUTH.  Please give them a hand and show you support by casting your vote.

MikePRuthThey both provided solid performances by focusing on servicing the customer and never looking at the camera.  It was even noted that they were paying the correct 3-2 payout for Blackjack which earned them both extra recognition from the academy!

MattCWalkenThe next category is for BEST CELEBRITY IMPERSONATOR.  This is an easy one folks because there is only one nominee.  MATT has a stellar performance with his Christopher Walken impersonation.  Here they are side-by-side.  I’ll bet you can’t tell me which is the real MATT.

CCBillMoving right along, we have a very special nomination for BEST MAKE-UP ARTISTRY.  This is a tough one folks because the nominees are both recognized experts in this field!  The nominees are “CC” for her Twilight Saga eyes.  There have been reports that they took over 2 1/2 hrs to perfect.  The 2nd nominee is BILL for his perfect application of GRECIAN FORMULA.  You be the judge.

DonovanMargaretLighting is one of the most under-rated aspects of producing a good quality commercial.  Without the proper lighting equipment the entire commercial can be ruined.  Fortunately, iHostPoker came with it’s own lighting experts to “shine a light” on the situation.  The nominees for BEST LIGHTING goes to MARGARET with her Ever Autumn complexion and DONOVAN for his special DOME LIGHTING effect.  Best of luck guys!

Aces-HandChipPush-HandChipShuffle-HandMagic-HandLast but not least is the BEST HANDS award.  This is a CLIO classic going back to the dishwasher soap adds of the 50’s and 60’s.  Those guys have NOTHING on the iHostPoker hands!  We have FOUR nominees in this category.  The 1st nomination goes to ACES HAND.  The pocket rockets are a perfect complement to the lavish glitter finger nails.  Well Played!

The 2nd nominee is CHIP PUSH HAND.  A very nice subtle lift of the index finger accentuates the overall effect of the aquamarine polish and also minimizes the clash with the purple chips.  SCORE!!!!!!!!!!

The 3rd nominee is CHIP SHUFFLE HAND.  It hard enough to look good, but to have looks AND SKILLS is just an added blessing.  The un-manicured look is very much back in this season and CHIP SHUFFLE HAND pulls it off without a hitch.  The nails, the cuticles, the whole package just screams REAL POKER PLAYER.  Kudos for keeping it real!!!

Last but not least in this category is MAGIC HAND.  The matte finish on the nails were expertly crafted to provide the perfect effect in presenting the IHP logo on a white background card.  The simplistic presentation is dwarfed by the technical expertise required to produce this shot.  Madison Avenue…EAT YOUR HEART OUT!


And there it is folks.  Please cast your votes and we look forward to seeing you in person at our next event.  CHEERS!

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