The Essence of iHostPoker

iHostPoker knows that there are other companies out there that try to do the same thing as we do, and the operative word is TRY.  I can try and write the words, but a picture tells a thousand words (and a video that much more)

In the words of IHP dealer Carolyn “CC” Seay, “I was sitting here thinking about what an amazing group of people we have in iHostPoker. Bill knew what he was doing when he selected this group of professional, kind, fun and talented people…We can have all the best quality equipment and services, and we do, but it’s the people that make a company successful or not and it’s very obvious to me why iHostPoker is and will remain NUMBER ONE!! I’m honored and blessed to know each and everyone of you.”



Of course we are somewhat biased towards ourselves, but with good reason.  If you have any doubts that iHostPoker is the BEST VALUE for any price, please contact Bill at 713-429-5707 for references and testimonials from iHostPoker customers that have experienced first hand what the competition has to offer.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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