The Bad Beat Post

Hello all –

I wrote on the IHP FaceBook wall that I wanted some stories from everyone about things they saw over the Christmas month, from things seen at parties to employees who stood out, to clients who were awesome to the impressive setups and the *less* impressive set ups. And I got nothing. No one sent me anything. So, as your punishment, you get this blog: The Bad Beat Post. Read the three following stories, if you dare, about the three worst beats in poker that I’ve ever heard of – two that I witnessed myself.

Hand One

This hand occurred at a local underground card room. I was playing Hold Em, and five of us took a flop to a small raise. I had 89 on the button, and the flop come a beautiful 567 rainbow. Long story short, two of us end up all in, and he has pocket Aces. We run it twice, and the top comes running 7s, and the bottom come A6, for him to go from no outs to scooping the pot. OK, that’s bad – but that’s just the warmup.

Hand Two

This hand I didn’t witness myself, but I’ve heard from enough reliable sources to know that it DID occur. Again, this happened in an underground card room here in Houston. Two players in a big PLO game get it all in with two flushes apiece for an $8000 pot. On the turn, when they got it all-in, one player had the Ace high flush, the other had the 9 high flush, with a flopped open-ended straight flush draw. They agree to run it twice, and – YUP, you guessed it – the straight flush came both times. Brutal.

Hand Three

This hand is not actually a poker hand. This is, believe it or not, a Roulette bad beat story. Hear me out.

I was in Las Vegas with friends, on an impromptu vacation, meaning I had limited funds. A bad beat I won’t even talk about led me to only having enough money for food and essentials on the last day. While watching a friend play blackjack, he determined I was a cooler (rightly so), so he gave me $200 in green chips to bet his number on the roulette table. I do so, and my cooler streak ended when his number hit on the third spin. When I took him his winnings, I said, “I should take this black chip and put it on 12.” (Twelve being my number.) He encouraged me to do so, but I decided to save it for a tournament. Of course, 12 immediately hit. As my friend laughed, 12 hit a second time. As we all know, it’s standard to “let it ride” when you hit your number – which I would’ve done.

Who needs $7000 and change??

“Eat your betting money but don’t bet your eating money.”

–Horseracing Proverb

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