SportsTalk 790 Welcomes iHostPoker

As we move into the holiday season it’s time for iHostPoker to step up its game.  Beginning today, we will be running advertisements on SportsTalk 790am radio.  The test run will be for a 4-week period and will focus on both the upcoming Poker Cruise as well as holiday casino party promotions.  The choice of SportsTalk 790 over other advertising outlets is a natural fit for our target marketplace, especially for the Galveston Poker Cruise in February.


KBME, Houston 790am, “The Sports Animal” is a Clear Channel Communications station and is affiliated with Fox Sports Radio.  What this means is consistent quality programming that is listened to predominantly by males age 25 to 60 (which is coincidentally the same demographic for poker players) as well as access to other markets for future advertising campaigns.

The test run will give us 25 spots per week spread out across all of their programs so that we can get a feel for the level of response and whether or not it would be beneficial to take a more targeted approach to future campaigns.  BE SURE TO LISTEN FOR OUR ADS AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!  Be sure to mention what day, time, and program you were listening to when you heard the ad.  That information will help determine if we need to tweak anything.  YOUR FEEDBACK WILL DIRECTLY IMPACT OUR SUCCESS!

Listen to a sample of the advertisement right HERE —–> 790am The BIG Show

If this goes as well as I hope it will, then who knows…maybe our next step will be TV advertising!

The New "Matress Mac"?


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  1. Roger M. says:

    I heard the ad yesterday around 9am during THE BIG SHOW. Sounds GREAT!

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