So You Think You Know Craps?

The game of Craps is a favorite game in any full scale casino and a constantly requested game at our casino parties.  In order to deal Craps you need to be able to take the bets and pay off on them correctly, but that’s not all.  You need to be able to teach the game to any new players that come to the table.  When dealing with iHostPoker, teaching new players properly is just as important as dealing the game.

Here are a few questions that will help to separate the dealers from the ‘lumps’.  The answers are at the bottom…no cheating (-;

  1. A player can make a Pass Line bet at any time (True or False)
  2. There are 34 combinations of 11 numbers on a pair of dice (True or False)
  3. A player can make a bet on the Don’t Pass line at any time (True or False)
  4. There are exactly 5 ways to roll the number 6 using two dice (True or False)
  5. A player can bet the Pass Line and the Don’t Pass Line at the same time (True or False)
  6. A DON’T player is favored to win more often than a Pass Line Player (True or False)
  7. A Don’t Pass player can take their bet off the line after a point is established (True or False)
  8. A player can place a COME bet only if they have a Pass Line bet (True or False)
  9. One advantage of playing the Pass Line it that the player can place ODDS behind the line for a true odds payoff, whereas a Don’t Pass player can not (True or False)
  10. A $50 odds wager on the point of 9 will pay $75 if the 9 is rolled (True or False)


  1. True: A Pass Line bet has the best chance of winning on the Come Out roll.  After a point is establish the House is a substantial favorite, so they are more than happy to take your bet.
  2. False:  There are 36 combinations of 11 numbers.  There are six sides to a die times 2 dice = 36
  3. False: Don’t Pass bets are only allowed on the Come Out roll.  Once a point is established a player would have greater than 50/50 chance of wining a Don’t Pass bet if it were allowed.
  4. True: Some people mistakenly think that you should count the 3-3 combination twice, but that is not correct.
  5. True: It is allowed.  In the long run the odds are against them.  The BAR 12 in the Don’t Pass Line will tear away at their stack in the long run.
  6. False: The advantage (if you can call it one) is a mere 1/100 percent, so it doesn’t count as an advantage.
  7. True: Since a Don’t Pass bet has an advantage of winning after any point has been established, the house gladly allows the player to remove their bet.
  8. False: A COME bet can be placed anytime after a point has been established with no preconditions.
  9. False: A Don’t Pass/Don’t Come player can also take advantage of free odds, but they must LAY odds meaning that they will be betting more than they will be winning (i.e. less than 1-to-1 odds)
  10. True: There are 4 ways to roll a 9 and 6 ways to roll a 7, so the true odds are 6-to4 (or 3-to-2).

We have a million more of these so if you think you know Craps, let me know and I’ll put you through the wringer with my experts and see how much you really know (-;

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