Rose Wins The Poker Cruise!

Rose wins the Poker Cruise for Two

Last night at the Concert Pub North was an evening of of solid poker playing with as much drama and excitement as you would see at the World Series of Poker.  It was the FINAL TABLE event where the 20 winners of the last 10-weeks of Wednesday and Thursday night tournaments got together to compete for the big prizes.

Up for grabs was:

  • 5th Place: $50 gift certificate at The Concert Pub North
  • 4th Place: $75 gift certificate at The Concert Pub North
  • 3th Place: $100 gift Certificate at The Concert Pub North
  • 2nd Place: a trip for two to LAS VEGAS
  • 1st Place: the coveted Trip for Two aboard The Poker Cruise…a 7-night Western Caribbean Cruise departing on Feb 26, 2012 from the Port of Galveston aboard the Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea featuring 24 x 7 poker for guests.  You can read more about the poker cruise at our Galveston Poker Cruise post.

In the picture above, Rose is displaying her final hand that won the tournament, Ks9s.  The final hand was indicative of how the evening played out.  Rose was slightly ahead on the chip count.  Blinds were up to 4K/8K and the players limped in to see the flop.  The flop came out and the short stack pushed all in.  The flop had two spades which put Rose on a King-high flush draw so she called.  The short stack was a STONE-COLD BLUFF with a Q4-off and nothing pairing up on the flop.  Even though no more spade came out on the turn or the river, Rose managed to pull down the tournament with a KING-HIGH winner!

Rose is a waitress at the Concert Pub-North and received her seat at the final table from her boyfriend Mike who had won two of them during the satellite games.  “I wanted to win the cruise so bad.  When it got down to the last two players, I was shaking like a leaf.  I’m still shaking!  My birthday is in February right before the cruise and I will be turning 21, so you can bet we’ll be celebrating!”

Free Play continues tonight at the Concert Pub-North at 8:00pm.  Entry into the game is free and the top 3 players each receive $25, $15, $10 gift certificates respectively.  The next 10-Week series will begin next Wednesday with the winner of each of the Wednesday and Thursday night games receiving an entry to the Final Table event in addition to the $25 gift certificate.  Will there be another Cruise for Two aboard the Poker Cruise up for grabs?  Come on down to play and find out.

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