Poker Tournament for College Fund

Over the years, the Houston Racquet Club has been a popular venue for a number of Houston casino fundraising events, but none quite as heart-warming as the one that took place this weekend.

We hosted a 7-Table Texas Hold ’em tournament in the Garden Cafe as a fund raiser.  The story as it was related to me was that a young couple that lived in the Memorial area had been trying to have children for a few years without much success.  After seeking medical attention, the couple tried in vitro fertilization and after a few attempts they were blessed with a healthy pregnancy…TWINS!!!  But this is where the story turns tragic.  Just a few short months after the pregnancy, the husband passed away very unexpectedly.

Now, their family and friends gather every year in remembrance and to raise money to help put together a college fund for the twins.  This year they chose to honor him by holding a poker party because it was one of the things that he loved.  They also joked a bit about his passion for sky diving and that some of them would have to ‘opt-out’ if that ever came about (-;  We have worked for quite a number of different charitable causes over the years, but this one stands out because everyone involved had been personally touched by the tragedy, and yet they all have fun and pitch in to turn it into a celebration of life.

The tournament itself was very exciting and can be summarized by the last two hands at the final table.  Blinds were up to 20K/40K with the large stack on the button and the short stack about 2 blinds from the felt.  The small stack moved all-in pre-flop and the large stack called and revealed POCKET ACES.  The short stack turned over 5/8 off-suit.  Everyone knew that would be the end.  The flop came out 4-7-J.  There was hope for an inside straight draw with a 6 and the room started buzzing.  The turn came up…6 OF SPADES to make the straight and the former large stack is now drawing dead.  The roar from the room could be felt throughout the entire racquet club!!!

Now there is a new chip leader, but by only a few chips.  The next hand is dealt and the former chip leader pushes all-in pre-flop and the button calls.  The button reveals J/K off-suit and has a handful of chips left that are not in play.  The other player turns up POCKET SIXES.  The flop comes out 5-8-9, no help for either player.  The 6s are still holding.  The turn…Ace of Diamonds.  The 6s are looking good.  The River…King of Spades!  WE HAVE A WINNER ON THE RIVER!!!  It was a 2-hand take down from zero to hero!

Everyone involved will be talking about it for sometime to come.   We hope that IHP can continue to help breathe life into this worthy cause for years to come!

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