Slots and Slots of Luck – A Mini-Guide to Slot Machines

This article started out as a “How to Play Slots and Try to Win” but I realized that this guy had beaten me to it with one page that does it all:

So, here’s a bit of inside information on slot machines instead.


The Differences Between Class II and Class III Slot Machines

Slot machines burst onto the American gambling scene in the 1930’s and have captivated risk-takers with their bright lights, shiny reels and a chance of striking it rich with their jackpots. Fast-forward to the 1980s, and slot machines were deemed to be more profitable than table games like black jack or craps, and they began to surpass table games as the most popular game in the casino. For the most part the same remains true today. From Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City casinos to racetracks, barges and riverboats along the Mississippi River, slot machines are still big business.

Slots and video poker now account for more than 70% of the casino’s total take.  The reason is simple: Bigger jackpots.  When slots got computerized it became possible to make the jackpot hit less frequently, which means the payout can be bigger when it does hit.   And players love big jackpots.  If you put $5 on a blackjack table, the most you can win is $7.50.  But $3 in a slot machine could net you thousands or millions.

In case you’re interested, here’s a list of current statewide progressive jackpot amounts:


How Does a Slot Machine Work?

Named after the slot where cash, tokens or even modern paper tickets are inserted, slots is a game for all skill levels. The object of the game is to win money from the machine. This happens by matching a set of symbols that roll and stop at random once its lever is pulled or button is pressed. The amount bet on each spin varies between machines. Most offer a variety of winning combinations which are linked to different rewards (extra spins, cash, etc.) and usually displayed on the machine itself.

There are several kinds of slots available nowadays, from the classic lever-and-spinning-reel variety to vivid display video slots. Regardless of their technological advancement since the 1930’s, slot machines are still categorized into two groups: class II or class III.

Class II Slot Machines

The Differences Between Class II and Class III Slot Machines

  • All machines or terminals are linked together so that players end up competing against each other for a common prize.
  • Winners are determined via a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT), much like a lottery scratch card.
  • With a set quantity of wins and losses, they are preprogramed to pay out at particular times.
  • Not every game is guaranteed to have a winner, but play will continue until a winner is determined.
  • Machines are interactive and, just like with the game of Bingo, players must announce their win in order to claim their reward. Prizes are not given automatically.
  • These types of slot machines can be found primarily on Indian gaming reservations and ‘Racinos’, which are establishments that not only allow class II slots on premises but also have a live horse racetrack.

Class III Slot Machines

  • Typically known as ‘Vegas-style’ or traditional slots, these are what most people think of when they envision a slot machine.
  • Each terminal is independent from the rest, with players competing against the house or casino for a pay-out prize.
  • Winners are determined via a Random Number Generator (RNG), giving every terminal the same chance of winning during every game.
  • Despite misconceptions about a slot machine being ‘due to hit’, they aren’t preprogramed to pay out at any particular time.
  • If a player uses a terminal that someone else just abandoned and wins the jackpot, the likelihood that the previous player would have won if they stayed longer is very low. The RNG is timed down the millisecond of when a button is hit or lever is pulled, which must be done at a precise time in order to win each particular game.
  • Wins are instantaneous and prizes are doled out immediately.
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Winter Has Come

Batten down the hatches and gird your loins – December is almost here! That means that IHP‘s busiest month of the year is just around the corner. Want to know what a busy month looks like? Here’s a little sneak peek behind the curtain – check out the calendar from Bill Heuer’s point of view:

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.22.47 PM








That’s the month of December in a nutshell. In case you can’t quite read it, all those red lines are parties. And yes, that means Scott Bosley will be working his skinny tail off all month – so give him some slack or buy him a Red Bull now and then.

Some tips for you this busy season:

  • Stay hydrated – It can be easy to forget your thirst during winter, especially if you’re outside working and not sweating as much. But, just because you’re not hot doesn’t mean you don’t need hydration – keep a water bottle with you all the time if you can.
  • Account for traffic – That’s simple and obvious, and yet the excuse is always heard, “there was too much traffic.” It’s the holidays; there are lots of people on the roads.
  • Make sure to check in on arrival – Let whoever is in charge know that you’re there and available. There are always unforeseen things that need attending to – maybe YOU can be the hero we all need in that moment.
  • Always bring your smile – That should go without saying. Remember, every interaction with the guests can make or break their night – it may be just another night at work for you, but this is their annual holiday party. Help make it special.
  • Change of clothes – If you’re working double shifts, don’t forget a change of undershirt, socks, etc. in case you get “ripe” while working the first job. To that end, mouthwash, cologne/perfume, and deodorant in your car isn’t a bad idea, either. And mint/gum in your pocket is always a good idea (no one likes a dealer pulling in their chips while breathing on them with Gorilla Breath).
  • Save some money – On a serious life note, do yourself a favor and keep some of this hard-earned money to the side. We all work for cash tips, and we know how easy it is to spend cash. Don’t spend it all. Fill that savings account!
  • HAVE FUN – If you have fun, the clients have fun. It’s that simple.

Do you have any more helpful December hints? Share them with everyone in the comments.

Thanks for reading!


“Luck sometimes visits a fool, but it never sits down with him.”
German Proverb

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What’s the Deal with Casino War?

I remember the first time I saw a table in a casino spreading War. I was a young lad of 27 strolling through Excalibur’s lobby, and there it was – across the walkway from The Big Wheel – Casino War. “It can’t be…” I thought as I stepped up with a crisp $100 bill. Fifteen minutes later, I had lost that $100 in a game I would play with my other 11 year old friends when the weather was bad, or with my sister on road trips. I remember wondering how I lost and why the casino would spread a game that seems to have no built-in house edge. It has to, though, or they wouldn’t spread it. So, where is the house edge? Read on to find out.

Casino War History

Casino War’s history is not well known, as it’s a very basic form of betting that has been around for centuries in one form or another. Sometime in the 1970s a Las Vegas casino owner brought the game into the casino. Due to its simplicity, the game grew in popularity and is now found in every casino around the world as well as at nearly all online casinos. Casino War can also be known as Royal Rumble or Battle Royale. If you ever get a chance to hit up the casino war table at a casino, the game will probably be instantly familiar to you. Because the rules are extremely simple, it can be a fun game to play, but it can become monotonous.

Casino War Rules

  • There are six decks used in the game. Cards are worth face value; aces are high only
  • After wagers are made, the player and dealer are both dealt one card
  • If the player’s card is higher, he wins 1-1 on his bet; if the dealer’s card is higher, the player loses his bet
  • If there is a tie, the player is two different options:
  1. Surrender – unfortunately, this means forfeiting half of the original bet and losing
  2. “Go to War”
  • If the player decides to go to war, he must bet at least the same amount of the original bet (although it can be increased even more). The dealer does the same, but this is only for show. The dealer will then burn three cards and deal each of them another card
  • If the player’s second card beats the dealer’s, he will win 1-1 on the second bet, and the original bet will push; If the dealer’s card beats the player’s card, the player will lose both bets (At some casinos, if the war results in another tie it will result in a bonus equal to the original wager)
  • Some casinos also allow the player to bet on a tie, which pays 10 to 1

House Edge

The dealer and the player each have a 46.3% chance of winning on the first card (in a standard game with 6 decks), so this seems like an even money game. The house advantage, however, comes from what happens in the case of a tie.

The house advantage increases with the number of decks in play and decreases in casinos who offer a bonus payout. The house advantage for this game is usually over 2%.

DECKS           SURRENDER                   TIE

1                              2.94%                            35.29%

2                              3.40%                            25.24%

3                              3.55%                            21.94%

4                              3.62%                           20.29%

5                              3.67%                            19.31%

6                              3.70%                            18.65%

7                              3.72%                            18.18%

8                              3.73%                            17.83%

The house edge in war lies in what happens if you reach a tie. Will you choose to surrender or go to war? The strategy of war is difficult, because, other than the amount you wager, your only choice is to surrender or go to war.

Essentially, the best strategy is to go to war every time you tie with the dealer. Surrendering has a slightly higher advantage for the house, so based on the expected value probabilities a player should never surrender – in the words of General Patton, “Never surrender.” If you’re willing to risk more money in an effort to get your original bet back, you can do that, as well. For example, if you originally wagered $5 and you tie, you might wager $10 next time so you don’t just end up breaking even with another $5 bet.


“A dollar won is twice as sweet as a dollar earned.”
Paul Newman, “The Color of Money”

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An Introduction/Refresher Course in Pai Gow Poker

Today I will talk about my favorite table game in the casino: Pai Gow Poker. Pai Gow is my favorite for many reasons. It’s fun to play at a table with friends, as there’s not much to have to think over once you understand how to set your hands. It’s a very social game, since you’re all playing against the dealer at the same time – in blackjack only one person is playing at a time, so there’s less of an “us against the dealer” feeling like there is in Pai Gow. And, since there are a lot of pushes, it’s not a game that you usually win or lose a lot of bets quickly. That means less variance – and more money for drinks!

What is Pai Gow Poker?

Pai Gow Poker is a one deck card game that was created in the 1980s and is loosely based on a Chinese game of that same name, which is played using dominoes or tiles. Pai Gow Poker utilizes a standard 52-card deck of playing cards with one joker added, for a total of 53 cards. The Joker can be used to fill in a straight or a flush – if it isn’t used for either it is used as an Ace.

The playing area for the game is set at a table for six players plus the dealer. Each hand is a one-on-one contest between the player and the banker/house. (In some casinos, the option to act as banker rotates around the table to each player and the dealer. Players either accept or decline the opportunity to act as the bank when their turn comes.)

After all wagers are placed the deck is shuffled and seven cards are dealt to each of the seven table positions, starting with a seat determined randomly by either dice or an electronic randomizer. All seats are dealt in, regardless of how many of the six player seats are occupied. The four unused cards are set aside into the discard pile.

If a player seat is vacant, the cards dealt to that position are collected after the deal and added to the discard pile. As an exception to this rule, some casinos allow an unassigned hand to be played as a second, separate hand by one of the players at the table. The option to play this extra hand, usually called the “dragon hand,” is offered to each player, in turn, until one accepts or all decline.

With the seven cards dealt to them, each player then arranges two hands, one with five cards and one with two cards. The five-card hand follows standard poker hand rankings. The two-card hand will consist of either a single pair or two cards of unequal value. When arranging the two hands, the two-card hand may not be higher in value than the five-card hand or the player automatically loses.

After all players have arranged their two hands and placed them face down, the banker then arranges his or her hand according to fixed rules referred to as “the house way.” Each players’ hand is then compared to the banker’s hand, one at a time, to determine who wins each of the wagers previously bet.

In order for a player to win against the banker, each of his hands must be of a higher poker ranking. If one hand wins but the other loses, that round is considered a tie or a push, and no winnings are collected. If both of the player’s hands are losers when compared to the banker’s, he loses his wager. Hands that are equal in value go in favor of the banker. When a player wins a round he is required to pay a 5% commission to the house.

Some strategic hints for the player:

  1. Don’t separate small pairs if that’s all your hand has, especially if you have an Ace to put in your two card hand. The dealer will often have less than Ace high in their two card hand, and a small pair by itself will rarely win the five card hand.
  2. As with most casino table games, if they offer a progressive jackpot, either play it every hand or no hands. Don’t bet the bonus sporadically – ever, in any table game.
  3. If you are playing in a casino that allows you to be the banker, TAKE IT. If you can afford to pay out people playing at your table, always take the bank. It’s your best shot at making money in this game.
  4. If you’re ever not sure how to set up your hand, you’re allowed to ask the dealer for help. Simply place your cards face up and the dealer will show you how to set it “the house way”. Since the house is usually going for a push, it’s a safe strategy.
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An Introduction is in Order


This is the first installment of the weekly Monday IHP Blog as written by me, Patrick. I’ll be taking over blogging duties until further notice, filling your heads with useful  knowledge about upcoming events, rules of the games we deal, tips for dealing those games more efficiently, how to deal with problems that arise on site, etc. (Admittedly, there will also be some useless knowledge shared, too.)

Before we begin, I’ll take this time to tell you who I am since some (maybe most) of you don’t know me. First, I’ve known Bill Heuer for almost ten years now, and I’ve called him a friend since almost the beginning. In the last few years he’s even reciprocated and called me a friend as well. I work occasional events, and I live in Bill’s Big Yellow House with Scott Bosley. I am definitely an unofficial behind-the-scenes player at IHP, with all the perks that that implies (like getting to daily hear Scott brag about his craps dealing prowess).

Now a quick bit about me – I was raised in Houston and moved to Chicago for college when I was a teenager. While in college I learned two things: bartending and poker (neither of which had anything to do with what I was there for). I ended up in Las Vegas (naturally) for a while, and then came back to Houston. Over the last 25 years I’ve either slung drinks for, served food to, pitched cards at, cleaned up after, or supervised over every type of person for every type of event you can imagine. Ask anyone with that many years in the service industry, and they’ll agree – it takes a lot to shock me or surprise me now.

With that brief introduction out of the way, let me tell you what you can look forward to in this blog – advice given, questions answered, trivia shared, and information about IHP that you can use to improve yourself and the company, among others.

Thanks for reading. See you next Monday.


“Remember this: The house doesn’t beat the player. It just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.”

Nicholas Dandolos, a.k.a. “Nick the Greek”

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Ben Jackson appearing at Raveneaux Country Club

It has been since February since we’ve clued you in on the amazing Ben Jackson in our Insiders Tip post.  Now here is another tip fresh off the hotline…Ben will be appearing at Raveneaux Country Club!  This is a unique opportunity to see Ben in an intimate public performance.  Seating is limited to 50 per show and there will only be five shows, so get your tickets now while you can.

This is a rare opportunity to experience this up & comer (unless you know someone with Deep Pockets that has booked him for a private performance).  So here’s the inside scoop:



  • 95% of Ben’s performances are for Private Parties, Corporate Events, and Trade Shows
  • A rare public performance was scheduled for La Colombe d’Or Hotel on August 29th…two performances which both sold out in 2-weeks of going on-sale!
  • There will be five performances at Raveneaux…2 on November 20th and 3 on November 22nd.  TICKETS ARE GOING FAST!
  • Each performance seats 50 people ONLY.

Get your tickets now at

Here is an idea of what you’ll see:

DON’T WAIT…DO THIS NOW.  What could be better than an evening of ‘highbrow’ Magic.  Ideal for Date Night!  Ben can bring the MAGIC to you and you special someone.

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Mississippi Stud – On Demand at iHostPoker

If you are visiting us here, chances are that you’ve taken a trip across the border at least within the last year.  No, not Mexico…Louisiana!  You know, where all of the closest real casino action is to Houston.  One of the more recent and innovative card games that you’ll find in all of the Lake Charles casinos is Mississippi Stud.

MS-StudMississippi Stud is a trademark of Shuffle Master Inc.  Those are the automatic shuffling machines that you either love or hate – there’s no in between.  If you don’t like the shuffling machine then this is probably not for you.  But if you can get past that part, then the payout on this table are what you’ll get excited about.  What I can tell you is that the players that you’ll see playing this game a FANATICAL about it.  I don’t think I’ve seen another table game that has generated this much excitement!


It’s a simple game of 5-card stud.  You start with your ante (typically $5 min), then each player at the table is dealt 2 cards, and the dealer is dealt 3 community cards.  If you don’t like your 2 starting cards, then you can fold and it’s game-over…you’ve lost your ante.

But, if you like you cards and want to stay to see the 3rd card, you match your ante in the 3rd-street betting circle.  If you REALLY like you starting cards, you can bet up to 3x your ante!  The same follows for 4th-Streeet & 5th-Street.

When all is said and done, you evaluate the 5-card hand…your 2-cards and the dealer’s 3 community cards.  Here is the payout table:

  • Pair of 6s-10s : Push
  • Pair of Js-As   : 1 to 1
  • 2-pair               : 2 to 1
  • 3 of-a-kind      : 3 to 1
  • Straight           : 4 to 1
  • Flush                : 6 to 1
  • Full House      : 10 to 1
  • 4-of-a-kind     : 40 to 1
  • Straight Flush : 100 to 1
  • ROYAL Flush : 500 to 1

So for example, you ante $5 to start the game.  You get dealt Qs-6d.  You decide to stay in and see the 3rd card you you place $5 more in the 3rd-Street betting circle.  The dealer turns up the 1st community cards which is Ks.  You still have not made a hand yet, but you decide to stay and see the 4th card, so you bet $5 more in the 4th-Street betting circle.  The dealer turns up the 2nd community cards which is Qc.  YOU HIT IT.  YOU’RE IN THE MONEY.  YOU CAN’T LOSE.  YOU CAN ONLY IMPROVE ON YOUR HAND.  Now it’s a “No Brainer”…you bet $15 (3x your ante) in the 5th-street circle.  The dealer turn up a 3h which doesn’t improve your hand, but guess what…you’ve just won $30.

$5 ante + $5 3rd-Street + $5 4th-Street + $15 5th-Street = $30 paid off at 1 to 1 for a pair of Queens…not bad!

If you want to try it out online before laying your money down in the casino, there is a really good simulation site at

The site not only demos the game, but also has an excellent strategy guide for cutting down the house edge to under 5% !!!

And as always, your wish is our demand.  Just say “I want a Mississippi Stud table at my next event”, and we will make your wish come true.  iHostPoker…bringing you the latest and greatest in gaming choices.


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iHostPoker Breaks the $1MILLION Target Again for Charter School Fundraiser

Despite a down market for the Oil & Gas industry, iHostPoker once again helped YES Prep Public Schools in raising $1.2 Million at the annual O&G Poker Tournament at the historic Corinthian in downtown Houston.

Over 800 attendees enjoyed an evening of hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and the all important Texas Hold’em Poker tournament.  Tables were sponsored by prominent Houston Oil & Gas companies, including:

  • Alta Energy
  • Kiwi Energy
  • Jefferies
  • Iberia Bank
  • Quantum Energy Partners
  • Griffith Land Services
  • White Deer Energy
  • Azure Midstream
  • Denham Capital
  • Trafigura
  • Torys LLP
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Colona Heavy Industries

One of the YES Prep representatives at the event had his doubts about being able to achieve the $1-Million target for this year, but in the words of iHostPoker dealer Kash Aleem, “Did we have any doubt?  Great job to everyone!!”

YesPrepIHP dealer Tracy Cutsinger-Eggers states “That was the smoothest YES event I have ever worked! Way to go team!”

IHP dealer Carolyn Seay summed it all up with “Whoo-hooo, made it thru another year of the Yes event and I personally think it went very smoothly and everyone did awesome! At the end of the night, I had a couple of the head representatives of YES say how pleased they were with the tourney. Hats off to the new IHostPoker team members, including Keyshane, Ryan, Yen and Betsy, for doing a great job and welcome aboard!”

It takes a lot of planning and even more years of experience to pull off and event of this magnitude successfully.  iHostPoker is the ‘go-to’ Casino Host for all of your fund raising needs.  Let us use our experience in helping you maximize your fund raising efforts.

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Ben Jackson – A strong BUY Signal in Houston

Do you ever listen to the news and hear about stocks that have reached a new high?  For example, Apple (AAPL) stock is pushing $130/share!  Back in 1980 you could have picked it up for 33 cents per share (adjusted for splits and dividends).  YOU WOULD BE RICH!  If only we had known at the time…right?

As it always turns out, there are people that have inside information that are not just lucky but knowledgeable about these things.  People like politicians, business moguls, and celebrities.

Ben with Adrian FosterPeople like Arian Foster (#23) – Running Back for the Houston Texans.

People Like David Copperfield – the most commercially successful magician in history.

People like Lyle Lovett – Grammy Award winning Country vocalist.

People like Deborah Duncan – Host of “Great Day Houston” on KHOU.


What they know (and what you need to know) is that magician BEN JACKSON is going to make it BIG.  It is not a matter of IF but WHEN.  When that happens, Houston may be lucky enough to see him again as one stop on a tour.  But until that happens, Ben is available to those knowledgeable few in the Houston market through iHostPoker.

Just think…when you were a kid and your parents hired a magician for your birthday, was it David Copperfield before he became famous?  If it was, I’ll bet it’s a story you still tell to this day.  HOUSTON HAS THAT OPPORTUNITY…not just for your kids, but for any occasion.

10 things to know about BEN JACKSON

  1. Ben’s interactive magic is the perfect complement for your casino-themed party. Generate a buzz with Ben’s mingling magic (dazzling your VIP clientele while on the move) or create an artistic atmosphere with Ben’s formal one-man show.
  2. 1st place Winner of the 2010 World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas.
  3. 1st place Winner of the 2012 United States National Magic Competition in Las Vegas.
  4. Recipient of the “Medal of Merit” from the Society of American Magicians. This honor has only been awarded 7 times since 1902!
  5. Appeared on NBC’s TODAY Show. Performed for David Copperfield and Matt Lauer.
  6. CANDID CAMERA’s resident “Magician in Disguise” for their 2014 season on TV Land.
  7. Served as Hand Double to actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, in the film, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, starring Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba.
  8. Clients Include: Texans Running Back Arian Foster, Great Day Houston Host Deborah Duncan, Weight Loss Queen Jenny Craig, Grammy Award-Winner Lyle Lovett, Food Network Chef Tom Colichio. Corporate Clients Include: Halliburton, Lincoln Financial, McDonald’s, Hewlett-Packard, ExxonMobil, St. Regis Hotels and Resorts.
  9. Ideal for After-Dinner Corporate Events, Cocktail Receptions, Sales Meetings, Trade Shows, Hospitality Suites, Private Parties, Galas, Luncheons, etc.
  10. The most important thing to know is that the vast majority of Ben’s business comes from favorable word of mouth and repeat bookings. Ben can create customized entertainment that is tailored for your specific needs.

Click here for a sample of what to can expect:

Please contact iHostPoker to find out how you can make Ben Jackson an integral part of your next event WHILE YOU CAN.


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Casino Equipment Quality

If you have never used a Casino Hosting company before, you may be overwhelmed by the choices and price differences.  Here is a VISUAL COMPARISON to help save you some time and effort.



BlackJack table from another company


BlackJack table from another company

OK…really?  If you are paying your hard earned money for a quality casino experience for you and you guests, I sure hope that it is not for a felt layout draped over a fold-up utility table!  I mean honestly folks…these “knuckle-heads” didn’t even have the courtesy to IRON the thing out before presenting it to the poor suckers that maybe saved $20 by going with these guys.  What an embarrassment!  And a TIP JAR on the table?  That’s just tacky.

Here is another example from another company.  The layout looks like it will accommodate seven players, but the funky shape of the table says six at most (unless you want to get poked in the ribs by one of those corners all night).  Maybe that’s why they have only put out FIVE player seats at the table.  Less seating means you have to buy more tables.  Now you’re SPENDING MORE MONEY!


iHostPoker BlackJack

Now here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • Comfortable seating (complementary chairs) for seven players
  • Cushioned rail for comfort
  • Drink holders
  • No tacky TIP JARS…tips are never solicited, but always appreciated for a job well done
  • an overall ‘Vegas’ look and feel




Poker table from another company

Here is one competitor’s version of a poker table.  The edge of the surface is flush with the playing surface, so dealt cards will easily fly off of the table.  The ‘kidney shape’ of the table puts the players in seat one and ten BEHIND the dealer so the dealer does not have control of the table.  Also the dealer has better have LONG ARMS or his is going to be asking the players to push their chips in all night.

If you look closely at this poker table you can see that there are no legs.  This is a large surface balanced on a pedestal.  Please don’t lean on it because the entire surface will come crashing down with all of the cards, chips, drinks, and whatnot.  That wine stain is not going to be covered by the insurance … oh wait, these guys don’t carry any insurance!  Too bad homeowner, you are on your own there.



iHostPoker Poker Table

Here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • Comfortable seating for ten players (with complementary chairs)
  • Raised cushion rails for player comfort and prevent cards from flying off the table
  • Drink holder at every player position
  • High-quality cushioned playing surface
  • an overall ‘Vegas’ look and feel





Roulette table from another company


I don’t know where to begin with this one.  How would you feel if you had ordered a roulette table and this showed up in your home?  Fist off, I’ve never seen a layout quite like this.  Black/Red, Odd/Even on opposite sides of the table?  Where does the wheel go?  It obviously wont fit on the table…unless they are using a little plastic one that you can buy at Toys R Us.  Could they not even clean the surface or put some finish on the wood exterior to try and make it more presentable?  This is what you get if you always go with the lowest price.  Take that $20 you saved to the bank and enjoy…NOT!



iHostPoker Roulette Table

Here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • A full-sized padded playing surface with the same layout you would find in any US casino
  • Professional-quality wood base Roulette wheel with balancing feet
  • Weighed Roulette Ball
  • High-quality prism marker
  • Comfortable playing area for eight players
  • Drink holders at every player position
  • Unique chip ‘colors’ for every player



Craps table from another company

Craps is a rowdy game with a lot of yelling and excitement, or at least it is in the casinos.  I don’t think that taking grandma’s old dining room table and retrofitting a top to it will make it any more than an old dining room table.  If the legs haven’t broken off of this ‘bad boy’ before the end of the night, then your players didn’t have the fun that they COULD HAVE HAD with some REAL equipment.  Where are the chip racks?


iHostPoker Craps Table

Here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • A sturdy table for player to lean on (as seen)
  • Rails with built-in chip racks
  • Rounded corners to prevent cocked-dice
  • Drink rail below the outside (as in casinos)
  • Casino-quality Accessories:
    •      set of 5 matching dice & tray
  •      Dealer Stick / On-Off Buttons

We can tell you that we have the best dealers in the business (and we do), and we can tell you that we have the best equipment in the business (and we do), and we can tell you that we provide the BEST VALUE IN THE BUSINESS (AND WE DO)…but nothing says it better than a picture!

When looking for a PROFESSIONAL CASINO HOST please get past all of the chatter and the sales pitches and the rhetoric and get down to basics.  Look at the equipment.  Listen to referrals that have had experience with MULTIPLE companies and let them tell you how they compare. It’s all about the basics (no treble) ♠♣♥♦










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