IHP Investing for the Future

The summer months are traditionally a slow time for our business.  With that being said, we continue to set records for the number and size of casino parties that we’ve booked in comparison to the same months in previous years.  For those of you that worked the Pasadena jobs on consecutive Thursdays last month, you’ll have a feel for what I’m saying.

But in between the blow-out events, I’ve been busy pumping capital back into the business to insure that it continues to grow in the right way.  Some examples include:

  • Much needed truck maintenance.  Tires and a tune-up have helped to significantly improve gas mileage (and profitability);
  • Roulette tables re-padded and new felt applied.  These new surfaces are so cushy I could sleep on them in a pinch.
  • Poker tables re-padded.  No more torn pads along the edge of the table.
  • Much needed repairs to the craps table hardware and new felts are in progress.

All of these things are done to insure that the customer receives a ‘first-class’ casino party experience and become repeat customer.  This in turn provides you with the dealing opportunities you are looking for.  A lot of these maintenance and repair expenses are a result of normal wear and tear that comes with the territory.  However, there are some repairs that can be avoided if we follow a few simple rules.

When moving equipment in and out of a venue:

  • A pad should be covering the edge of the truck bed to avoid tearing pads on tables
  • When carrying equipment, NEVER drag across the ground.  Avoid touching the ground unless absolutely necessary.
  • It takes TWO to setup and breakdown the craps and roulette tables.  On the craps tables, each person is responsible for their ‘piece’ to make sure it doesn’t fall to the ground.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your hard work.  If you continue to work with me in minimizing our operating expenses wherever possible, I pledge to continue investing in our business which in turn will provide you with more and more opportunities.

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