IHostPoker’s New Commercial!! (Part 1 of 2)

Unless you’ve been living in the dark and not paying attention to the Facebook group, you know that the 2015 Online IHostPoker commercial has been recorded. Here it is in all its glory:

There you go, straight from your dreams right into reality. I had the good fortune of sitting and interviewing one of the stars of IHP, both behind the scenes and now in front of the camera (you can see him in the commercial for a good 3 seconds, doing what he does best – manual labor). He’s gotten a little more full of himself now that he’s seen the glamour of Hollywood, so it was a difficult interview to obtain. Once all his conditions were met, we sat face to face in a Quizno’s and he gave me the inside scoop on the behind the scenes action during the filming of the commercial.

Patrick: Thanks for meeting me. I don’t know why I had to show you a proof of address as part of your conditions. That seemed strange.

Scott: Whatever, I have my reasons.

P: But we’re roommates…Anyway, let’s get started. First off, when did you shoot this commercial?

S: It’s more like when weren’t we shooting this commercial? For the last six months, every off day, and every time we were done working for the day, we would meet at the warehouse under the lights and perform for the camera. Bill is quite the perfectionist; he wanted every shot to be perfect. Whether that meant 3 takes or 303 – the final shot was what mattered. Our lives meant nothing to him – it was only “the art” as he called it.

P: So Bill had you do that many takes every day?

S: I wish it was only that many. That was just around the average. Bill thinks of himself as something of an amateur Stanley Kubrick crossed with Vito Corleone. He’s got the power to make his vision come true, at whatever cost.

P: How many hours would you say you spent filming this 96 second spot?

S: Hours? I can’t measure it in hours. I can’t even think about it like that. I’d say it took about 9 weeks of my life, when it’s all added up. Bill didn’t eat for 5 days straight while he edited it on an old Commodore 64 in his attic – he called it “part of the process”.

P: Do you have any fun tidbits or behind-the-scenes hijacks to share?

S: Yeah, um, oh! Tara‘s entire outfit was made of baby Smurf fur (on Bill‘s orders “For authenticity – that’s how they make them in Vegas!” he said), and Landon now has PTSD. It turns out that 36 hours straight standing over an uplight can really scramble your brain. I myself learned that Bill can lift a slot machine over his head when an actor misses their mark.

<It was at this moment that Scott began to tear up – I felt it necessary to stop the tape and the interview for a moment before continuing. Next Monday will be the conclusion to my exclusive interview with Scott.>

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