iHostPoker + YES Prep = $1 MILLION

Who helps worthy causes to raise a MILLION DOLLARS in a single night?  That’s right folks, iHostPoker does and iHostPoker did on Feb 9th, 2012 at the fabulous Corinthian located at 202 Fannin St at Franklin in the downtown historic district of Houston.

This magnificent neoclassical building at the corner of Main Street and Franklin was completed in 1905 as the home of the First National Bank, an institution which played an important role in the growth and development of Houston. At the turn of the twentieth century, it was not only the first steel structure in the city, but at an impressive eight stories was also one of the tallest buildings in the state – a skyscraper of its day!

The Corinthian occupies the first and mezzanine levels of the edifice: these were the elegant former reception areas once known as “The Great Hall” extending a full city block from Main to Fannin. Its most stunning feature is a majestic colonnade of Corinthian columns soaring to a height of 35 feet to support the original intricately decorated plaster ceiling. In the rear wall, a towering but long-forgotten Palladian window was recently uncovered in the process of an exacting restoration. The window is flanked by a graceful double stairway leading to the upper level.

The Poker Tournament

iHostPoker’s 7-year relationship with YES Prep Public Schools has developed into this historic event which required a year of planning, months of event preparation, and a solid week of execution which culminated in the most successful fund raiser to date.  65 Poker Tables, ~750 chairs, 80+ dealer/chip runners/pit bosses, catering staff, 50+ wait staff, bartenders, and a Gazillion poker chips!

This year there were two new corporate sponsors plus the addition of 5 Craps tables to entertain guests that were not fortunate enough to move on to the 2nd round of the poker tournament.  Every little bit helped to push the final number over the 1-million mark.

This fund raiser has become the “don’t miss” event of the year in the oil & gas industry.  Some guest flew in from as far away as South America in order to attend.  The winners have their names and pictures published in leading industry publications.

iHostPoker is proud to be an integral part of this annual event and we look forward to shattering our fund raising goals again and again!  We have the best team of dealers and support staff in the industry and I’m very proud of each and everyone of them for their hard work and professionalism.

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