iHostPoker = Excellent Customer Service

iHostPoker prides itself on having quality casino rentals, professional casino dealers, and competitive pricing, but the thing that keep our customers coming back again and again is our Excellent Customer Service.  A known fact in the business world is that when a customer experiences superior customer service, they may tell one or two people about it, but if a customer has a POOR service experience, they will be sure to tell 10 to 20 people about it.  Bad customer service is the leading business killer in the country.  Just take a look at what happened when Dave Chappell had a bad experience at a copy store.  I’ll bet you can guess which one!

{just press the “PLAY” button in the lower left corner}

Funny stuff, huh? But I’ll bet the executives at K#%*o’s weren’t laughing when they saw it, along with thousands of their FORMER customers!

At iHostPoker, each of our dealers and event coordinators interfaces directly with our customers and our customer’s customers. As such, they are EMPOWERED with maintaining the high standards and overall reputation of iHostPoker. In addition, we are committed to continuous improvement in the overall customer experience. If anyone (customer, dealer, casual observer) has any suggestions on ways that we can improve on the overall customer experience, please leave an anonymous comment and I will thank you in advance.

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