How to Properly Deal Blackjack – Part III (Tips & Tricks)

The following bullet points are tips and tricks that didn’t organically fit into the other two articles. There is no order or reason to them, just look through them and learn.

Tips & Tricks

  • The biggest tip I can give you, if you want to deal Blackjack, is to first go play Blackjack. Nothing will help you understand than game faster than playing it.
  • When you deal a face card, 10, or Ace as your up card, you must check your hole card. The players have an option for Insurance if the Ace is face up, but if it’s only the face card or 10 face up, there is no player option. Different houses have different rules for checking the hole card, so it’s a good idea to find out before an audition what that casino’s policy is by watching or playing at their tables beforehand.
  • Always announce a player’s Soft hand as both totals (for instance, if a player has an Ace and a 3, announce it as “4 or 14”
  • Sort chips in your rack, not on the table.
  • When paying out players’ bets, and you find you don’t have enough chips in your hand to pay out that bet, go back to the rack for more chips. Do not leave a partial payout and THEN go back – always pay out the full amount in one motion.
  • In single deck, Blackjacks are paid out 6-5 instead of 3-2
  • Always pay out bets by placing chips next to the bets, not in front of or behind the bet.
  • Never pay a bet with “dirty chips”, which are chips that other players bet that round and that you have picked up. Always pay out with “clean chips” from the rack, while placing “dirty chips” into the rack.
  • Practice chip cutting and card handling whenever you can. Nothing will harm your ability to look like a professional faster than fumbling with the chips.
  • When clearing cards at the end of a hand, make sure to keep your cards either on top or bottom of the stack, for ease of recovery if necessary.
  • A player cannot surrender if the dealer has a Blackjack.
  • The floor is your friend in the casino – if you have a situation that requires you to break from procedure, always call the floor and they will walk you through your proper steps.
  • When dealing from a shoe, it is acceptable to use only your left hand when dealing ards to the first two spots on the left of the table. Just flip it over from bottom to top.
  • Work on your poker face – when you look at the down card when showing an Ace, you can’t reveal anything to the players!
  • Remember that first and foremost, you need to entertain your players. Smile, be friendly, give advice on how to play if they need it, and try to let them have fun. If you can go above and beyond that, by anticipating their needs, then you’ll find that the money will usually follow.


“I bet on a horse at ten-to-one.  It didn’t come in until half-past five.”  

-Henny Youngman

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