Houston Casino Parties to the Rescue

It has been a record breaking summer in Houston.  The good news is that iHostPoker continues to break records over previous years.  The bad news is that Houston continues to break HEAT, DROUGHT, and WILDFIRE records, and then throw the bad economy in on top of all of that and you have the makings of a sticky situation for a lot of communities around our city.

Even as we move to the end of the summer, we continue to see triple-digit days and not rain in sight.  Sure, our homes, offices, and cars are equipped with air conditioning but that does not help our lawns and trees and exterior assets that are exposed to the elements all day long.

Take that and throw in the fact that no significant rain has fall since…MAY!!!

You end up with Lake Houston (the primary source of residential water for most of the city and suburban areas) looking something like this.  What used to be beautiful water-front property now looks like an oasis in the middle of the Serengeti Desert.  Also, if you drive along just about any country road you should observe the trees.  About every 5th one you see is DEAD.  Pine tree that have turned to a rust-colored hue from the lack of water which has made them susceptible to disease and paracites.

Put those two critical factors into the pot and then throw in a few days of high wind and low humidity and guess what you get?

That’s right.  Fires that destroy everything in their path.  This is what was happening in Magnolia last week.  Since then a new one has popped up at George Bush park over near Highway 6 & I-10.  I’m sure that we all know someone or at least someone who knows someone that has been directly effected.  A state of high emergency has been declared and FEMA is getting involved to help the unfortunate families that have lost their homes and property.

Regardless of the degree that all of this has impacted individuals personally, the fact remains that the collective impact to the city and communities is overwhelming.  It is going to take money to repair the streets that have buckled from the heat, and the water pipes that have cracked from the drought, and the common areas in neighborhoods that have all but died.  It will take money to restore area that have been burned down or experienced smoke damage from the wildfires.

Money in the amounts that are needed can only be obtained from more taxes (which few of us can afford), or from charitable contributions.  This is where iHostPoker comes to the rescue.  Communities that would otherwise raise the taxes on their homeowners association bills to take care of these extraordinary expenses are turning to less intrusive methods for raising funds.

In the spirit of helping out those that are in need, Houston area communities are banding together to raise the funds needed to bring order back into our lives.  Houstonians have been generous in the past with their donations to help the Earthquake victims in Haiti and the Tsunami victims in Japan.  Just imagine the degree of their generosity when it comes to helping out their neighbors next door.  iHostPoker has the winning formula for achieving fundraising goals by creating a fun and entertaining events specifically geared towards maximizing contributions.

It doesn’t matter whether you call it a Disaster Relief Fundraiser Casino Party, or a Community Outreach Fund Raising Casino Party, or a Neighborhood Improvement Fund Raising Casino Party.  As long as “Casino Party” is involved and iHostPoker is there to help, then you will be sure to have the best potential to meet you fund raising needs.


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