Fundraising Fun at Gleannloch Pines

iHostPoker had the pleasure of hosting a Texans Fund Raiser this past Saturday evening and the beautiful Gleannloch Pines Golf Club in Spring Texas.  Their Grand Ballroom was the backdrop to a full casino with 2 Craps Tables, 2 Roulette, 4 Black Jack, and 2 Novelty Games.  And to add to icing to the cake, a 3-table Texas Hold ’em Tournament was held in the private dinning room next door.

Event coordinator Jason S. did an outstanding job of coordinating with the customer and designing an event that was seamless on the front and back end for the players.  Starting chips were handed out at the registration desk so that players were ready to go the minute they walked in the door.  Re-Buys were easily obtained right outside the entrance to the casino which helped to maximize the fundraising aspect.  At the end of the evening, chips were colored up at the tables and then redeemed for raffle tickets at the re-buy station.  Raffle tickets were then dropped into various fishbowls for the different auction items that were available to the players.

With the exception of a couple of ‘chip-dumping’ incidents, the event was considered a huge success.  iHostPoker continues to be the leading casino hosting company in Houston!

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  1. Ronny Mac. says:

    My heart goes out to the folks at Gleannloch. I just heard on the news that a copy of hardened criminals tore out all of the copper wire in the place and caused a whole lot of damage in the process. I hope someone finds these guys soon. This isn’t the 1st place they’ve hit and it wont be the last.

    I know time are tough for a lot of folk, but turning to crime isn’t the answer.

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