Fuel Prices Impacting Casino Buses

Casino parties are more popular in Houston than in other major cities, primarily because live casino gambling is not yet legal in the state of Texas.  It is also a big reason why the Charter Casino Buses are very popular too.  First Class Tours and Casino Express are the biggest operators out of the Houston area that port people back and forth to all of the Lake Charles and Kinder casinos with multiple departures daily.

When they first started these tours, there was a nominal $5 charge per person which was merely a means of insuring reserved seats on the buses did not go unused without a penalty.  The cost of the seat was more than offset by about $50 worth of free play and meal comps.

Casino Buses post a Fare Increase

Unfortunately times have changed mostly driven by fuel prices.  If you’ve driven down the freeway or even along FM 1960 @ I-45 where one of the bus terminals is located, you’ve seen billboards showing that the price of a seat is now $15 per person, and even though you still get some free play or meal comps, the offset is hardly worth the 8-hours of bus time just to get 4-hours of play time.

The good news is that we are looking forward to a boost in business as a result.  A little targeted marketing to the people that have stopped hitting the buses because of the price increases should result in an increase in home casino parties and poker parties.

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