Free Live Poker at The Concert Pub – North

The Concert Pub - North

Just a few yards west on FM 1960 from Kuykendahl is The Concert Pub North.  If you are coming after the sun goes down, you can follow the bright spotlight that they have covering the evening sky.  Besides for the live music that goes on nightly, they are hosting Texas Hold’em Poker Tournaments on Tuesday & Thursday evenings starting at 8:00 .  The best part is that the dealers are brought to you courtesy of iHostPoker.  It’s a virtual poker party without the clean-up!

The format is a single table freeze-out with the top 3 players winning Concert Pub gift certificates, and the winner additionally receiving a coupon for the FINAL TABLE event scheduled for mid-June.  Once again, this is TOTALLY FREE and it is the ideal way to learn to play live poker without having to risk any money.  On-Line poker is fun and a great way to learn the game, but it is not a good substitute for live poker and learning how to “read” the other players.

If you are fortunate enough to win a ticket to the final table event, then you will have a chance to WIN A CRUISE.  Not just any cruise, but the iHostPoker / Royal Carribean POKER CRUISE departing from Galveston in February 2012!!!

Jasper Dealing at The Concert Pub-North

As you can see by the picture of Jasper dealing, this is not your typical IHP event with bow ties and vests.  This is a very casual setting in a dedicated room equipped with a huge TV and leather seats around the perimeter.  A virtual ‘man-cave’ where everyone can enjoy a few adult beverages and experience a live poker tournament WITHOUT having to pay an entry fee.


YOU JUST CAN’T BEAT THAT WITH A STICK!  Y’all come down a grab a seat.  The drinks are cold, the food is hot and tasty, and the POKER IS FREE…and you could WIN A CRUISE!

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One Response to Free Live Poker at The Concert Pub – North

  1. John B. says:

    2 FOR 2 with Jasper dealing. $50 in Concert Pub bucks + a seat at the final table.
    BOOYA !!!

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