Don’t Get Burned Playing The Field

No, I’m not talking about scoring some ‘strange’ at the local watering hole.  This is  casino party site, so of course I’m talking about the only game in the casino where you can play the field…Craps!  It’s a fun game with a lot of action and for most people that are new to the game, one of the easiest and most intriguing bets on the table is THE FIELD.A Field bet is very easy to place.  Just throw a chip out there on any give roll of the dice.  If you hit any one of the Field numbers, YOU’RE A WINNER.  If you’re real lucky and the dice come up with a 2 or 12, you win DOUBLE (or even TRIPLE on some layouts as seen here).  The Field Bet is easy to reach from just about any position around the table and you can place it yourself without having to get one of the dealers involved.

Another thing that make The Field even more inviting is that there are only 4 numbers that can be rolled where you will not win!  That’s right folks, out of the 11 possible numbers that you can roll with a pair of dice, you can only lose on 4 of those numbers when you are betting the field.  You don’t have to be a math major or a rocket scientist to figure out that out of 11 possible numbers if 7 numbers are winners and only 4 numbers are losers that means you have A LOT more ways to win, right?  HOW DO THE CASINOS STAY IN BUSINESS?????

Here is the trick.  Given an ordinary pair of dice, not every number has the same probability of being rolled.  What that means is that on any given roll of the dice, the number 7 has the highest probability of being rolled (1 in 6) where as a 2 or 12 have the lowest probability of being rolled (1 in 36 each).  Let me show you.  Here is each number and the number of possible combinations.  2(1), 3(2), 4(3), 5(4), 6(5), 7(6), 8(5), 9(4), 10(3), 11(2), 12(1).  You have 2 dice, 6 numbers on each dice, and 6×6=36 possible combinations that can be rolled.  If you don’t believe me then just add up the numbers in the parenthesis and you’ll see.

No let’s apply the combinations to the field bet and see what we come up with.  Of the 7 numbers that are winners there are 16 ways that they can be rolled.  Of the 4 numbers that are losers, there are 20 ways that they can be rolled.  So now you can see that there are really only 16 ways to win and 20 ways to lose.  Even if you factor in the double pay for 2 and 12, you are still a net LOSER in the long run.

Don’t get me wrong.  Sometimes it fun to play the field (just don’t tell on me!).  But if you are wanting to get the most out of your gambling whether you are at a casino party or a live casino, there are LOTS of other bets on the Craps table that give you better odds.

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