Dealing Poker the Right Way

As most of you know, I am originally from Las Vegas…born and raised.  It seems unusual to most people I talk to because they are all wanting to go to Las Vegas but don’t know too many people that are actually from there.  And just like any well respected Las Vegas-ite, I’ve been through professional dealer training school.

There are a lot of rules to poker in all of its various forms.  Much of what goes into professional dealer training is speed, technique, and procedures,  but understanding the rules of the game should not be discounted in the least.

Despite the fact that Houston does not have the demand for dealer training like Las Vegas has, doesn’t mean that iHostPoker dealers can’t do a little bit of homework in order to ‘bone-up’ on their knowledge of the game.  The de-facto standard in the industry is Robert’s Rules of Poker.  Below is a copy in PDF format.  As you can see, it is now in Version 11 which should tell you that CHANGE is a constant that we all need to be willing and able to accept and adapt to.

Check it out.  For those of you that are true students of the game it will make for some interesting reading and you might find out a thing or two that you didn’t already know.

As mentioned in emails, I will be selecting dealers for the upcoming Poker Cruise sometime in June.  Let me know if you are interested and stay sharp regarding the rules and your technique in order to have the best chances.

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  1. Jason B. Swaim says:

    I have never seen this before. This was good reading. Thanks!

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