Creative Ways to Fund Your Honeymoon

IHP has hosted thousands of Casino Parties and Poker Tournaments over the years, but there are always a few that stand out for one reason or another.  Memorial Day weekend was one of those events.  It started out as a little 2-table event on the Friday before Memorial Day.  A bit unusual from the get go since this is usually a “go big or go home” weekend for the business.  I figured that since it was being held in a banquet room, it is probably a family gathering for a pre-graduation  celebration or something of that sort.

BOY, WAS I WRONG!!!  This was a FULL BLOWN WEDDING & RECEPTION!  The wedding took place upstairs as we were finalizing our setup.  Then when the wedding was through, everyone made their way downstairs to the banquet area to enjoy a sit down dinner, drinks (being served by Houston’s finest HOOTER’S WAITRESSES), live DJ, and CASINO GAMING!

Needless to say, this was probably one of the most eclectic groups we have had the pleasure of hosting.  In attendance was none other than Houston rapper “Pyrexx” and what looked like ABN hip hop duo “Trae tha Truth” and “Z-Ro”









Besides the impromptu performance by Pyrexx, the most impressive thing from the IHP perspective was the creative way that the newlyweds used the casino gaming.  They setup a table with some nice gifts and fishbowls in front of each.  Then they announced that the casino tables were open.  In order to play, it would cost $10 for a ticket for which they would receive $1000 in play chips.  People could buy as many as they wanted.  At the end of the evening, each $1000 in play chips could be redeemed for 1-raffle ticket for which the guest could choose which fishbowl to drop it into for a chance to win that gift.

Pretty cool, huh?  And based on the amount of play we experienced that evening, I am going to guess that the newlyweds will be enjoying a nice 1-week cruise or something of that nature!

We at iHostPoker would like to thank you for allowing us to be a part of what is arguably the most important day of your lives, and wish you both lots of love and happiness.  Most of all we are glad that we could help in making your honeymoon wishes come true.

Peace out yo!


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