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iHostPoker provides a professional poker and casino experience for any occasion.  We have a particular fondness for charity events just because in addition to doing our job in a professional manner, we are also playing a significant part in helping to raise money for a worthy cause.  Mind you, it doesn’t matter what the cause is. I haven’t run across one that is more deserving than the other.  Just the mere fact that we can be a part of it all makes it all worth while.  Then on rare occasions there is one that stands out for one reason or another.  Last Saturday fell into that category.  Why?  Because the home that hosted the event was SPECTACULAR!!!

Street View

Driving up to the front you see the iron fence with openings at each end of the circular driveway.  The covered drive in front of the main entrance to the home is lit by a chandelier and music is piped to the outside making you feel right at home.  The last time I experienced a grand entrance like this was valet parking at a 5-star restaurant!  (You can click on any of the pictures to see a larger view)

Main Entrance

In side of the HUGE-MONGOUS 12-foot solid wood with cast-iron hardware double front doors (that easily would weigh a TON each) is the grand entrance.  The polished marble floors set the tone for what is to come.  The grand piano neatly fits to the right and is dwarfed by the spiral staircase (also with marble steps) which lead to the 2nd floor.  However it is the little things that tend to make a grand structure such as this stand out from the rest.


The furnishings, decorations, brick-a-brac, and whatnot all add to the feeling that you are truly in someones home and not a sterile museum.  Every little thing has its place and it is the perfect balance to off-set the grandness of the structure.  Now throw in a handful of event planners scurrying about to prepare for the fund raiser and a kid or two with their Nintendo trying to stay out of the way and then the picture takes on a whole new feel to it.


The event itself was setup in a unique way.  They had 5 poker tables each with their own contribution level.  The $250, $500, $800, and $1000 contribution tables were setup outside on the patio overlooking the pool.  This is not your ordinary patio mind you because as we all know, a normal patio might be able to fit one poker table and chairs.  This patio stretched the length of the home with little alcoves strategically placed for the outdoor kitchen area and the built-in television over the fireplace.

Patio Fireplace

The really impressive feature is the cut stonework that leads from the patio to the pool area.  Each stepping-stone is cut to match the adjoining piece in a curved artsy pattern, however they are not joined together.  Instead there is about a 2-inch gap between that is occupied by perfectly trimmed Bermuda grass which gives the illusion of a solid walkway.  Do you have any idea what it takes to keep Bermuda grass growing properly in our climate?  That by itself could almost be a full-time job!


Now let’s talk about the pool.  No, forget that.  Just take a look at this thing because words just can’t describe it.  It starts from the fountain at the top.  The water cascades down the steps past the cherub statues into the retaining pool which then flows graciously into the main pool.

Lounge Chair

The only thing that makes it even more spectacular is the night view with the blue lighting accenting the fountain and the water as it makes its way down.  Now just grab your favorite adult beverage and make your way into one of the handful of pool-side lounge chairs that extend over the water like you’re floating on a lily pad.  This is taking relaxation to a new level!

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the 5th poker table…the high-roller table for $2,500 donors.  That table was placed inside of the THEATER on the 2nd floor.  I’m sorry to say that I don’t have a picture of the theater but let me describe it to you.  Picture a domed room with paintings on the dome a la the Sistine Chapel with steps going down on both sides of the tiered 5 rows of 7 seats across (35 seats), all facing the huge big screen.  Each of the seats has its own built in comfort controls.

Game Room

Right outside of the theater is the game room with one of the most elegant pools tables I’ve ever seen.  The carved legs of this table by themselves are works of art.  Of course, that game room would be complete without its own wet bar and built-in flat screen.


Now these are all of the things that impress the guys, but the women always ask the same question, ‘what are the bathrooms like?’ So not to disappoint our female readers, here are a couple of bathroom shots to die for.  I’m told by someone in the know that the wash basin appears to be made of Onyx, and something of this size probably cost the owners more than some of our cars!

Bath Tub

Here is a shot of the daughter’s bath tub.  I’ve only seen these in the movies.  Can anyone say “Mr. Bubbles”?  There are millions of other pictures that I would have like to have taken and shared, but we have to remember the primary mission…raising funds with a poker event.

Needless to say, the event was a huge success.  The good people that were kind enough to share their home with others for the cause were very down-to-earth and gracious hosts.  They seemed genuinely blessed to have the things they have and feel that it is only right to share their good fortune with others.  That’s quite an inspiration.  I think the Beatles got it right when they wrote the lyrics “The Love You Take is Equal to the Love you Make”.

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