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If you have never used a Casino Hosting company before, you may be overwhelmed by the choices and price differences.  Here is a VISUAL COMPARISON to help save you some time and effort.



BlackJack table from another company


BlackJack table from another company

OK…really?  If you are paying your hard earned money for a quality casino experience for you and you guests, I sure hope that it is not for a felt layout draped over a fold-up utility table!  I mean honestly folks…these “knuckle-heads” didn’t even have the courtesy to IRON the thing out before presenting it to the poor suckers that maybe saved $20 by going with these guys.  What an embarrassment!  And a TIP JAR on the table?  That’s just tacky.

Here is another example from another company.  The layout looks like it will accommodate seven players, but the funky shape of the table says six at most (unless you want to get poked in the ribs by one of those corners all night).  Maybe that’s why they have only put out FIVE player seats at the table.  Less seating means you have to buy more tables.  Now you’re SPENDING MORE MONEY!


iHostPoker BlackJack

Now here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • Comfortable seating (complementary chairs) for seven players
  • Cushioned rail for comfort
  • Drink holders
  • No tacky TIP JARS…tips are never solicited, but always appreciated for a job well done
  • an overall ‘Vegas’ look and feel




Poker table from another company

Here is one competitor’s version of a poker table.  The edge of the surface is flush with the playing surface, so dealt cards will easily fly off of the table.  The ‘kidney shape’ of the table puts the players in seat one and ten BEHIND the dealer so the dealer does not have control of the table.  Also the dealer has better have LONG ARMS or his is going to be asking the players to push their chips in all night.

If you look closely at this poker table you can see that there are no legs.  This is a large surface balanced on a pedestal.  Please don’t lean on it because the entire surface will come crashing down with all of the cards, chips, drinks, and whatnot.  That wine stain is not going to be covered by the insurance … oh wait, these guys don’t carry any insurance!  Too bad homeowner, you are on your own there.



iHostPoker Poker Table

Here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • Comfortable seating for ten players (with complementary chairs)
  • Raised cushion rails for player comfort and prevent cards from flying off the table
  • Drink holder at every player position
  • High-quality cushioned playing surface
  • an overall ‘Vegas’ look and feel





Roulette table from another company


I don’t know where to begin with this one.  How would you feel if you had ordered a roulette table and this showed up in your home?  Fist off, I’ve never seen a layout quite like this.  Black/Red, Odd/Even on opposite sides of the table?  Where does the wheel go?  It obviously wont fit on the table…unless they are using a little plastic one that you can buy at Toys R Us.  Could they not even clean the surface or put some finish on the wood exterior to try and make it more presentable?  This is what you get if you always go with the lowest price.  Take that $20 you saved to the bank and enjoy…NOT!



iHostPoker Roulette Table

Here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • A full-sized padded playing surface with the same layout you would find in any US casino
  • Professional-quality wood base Roulette wheel with balancing feet
  • Weighed Roulette Ball
  • High-quality prism marker
  • Comfortable playing area for eight players
  • Drink holders at every player position
  • Unique chip ‘colors’ for every player



Craps table from another company

Craps is a rowdy game with a lot of yelling and excitement, or at least it is in the casinos.  I don’t think that taking grandma’s old dining room table and retrofitting a top to it will make it any more than an old dining room table.  If the legs haven’t broken off of this ‘bad boy’ before the end of the night, then your players didn’t have the fun that they COULD HAVE HAD with some REAL equipment.  Where are the chip racks?


iHostPoker Craps Table

Here is what you get with iHostPoker:

  • A sturdy table for player to lean on (as seen)
  • Rails with built-in chip racks
  • Rounded corners to prevent cocked-dice
  • Drink rail below the outside (as in casinos)
  • Casino-quality Accessories:
    •      set of 5 matching dice & tray
  •      Dealer Stick / On-Off Buttons

We can tell you that we have the best dealers in the business (and we do), and we can tell you that we have the best equipment in the business (and we do), and we can tell you that we provide the BEST VALUE IN THE BUSINESS (AND WE DO)…but nothing says it better than a picture!

When looking for a PROFESSIONAL CASINO HOST please get past all of the chatter and the sales pitches and the rhetoric and get down to basics.  Look at the equipment.  Listen to referrals that have had experience with MULTIPLE companies and let them tell you how they compare. It’s all about the basics (no treble) ♠♣♥♦










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