August is School Fundraiser Time

It’s that time of the year again folks.  High school football practices have kicked into full gear and it wont be long before the dreaded ‘school zone’ speed limit signs are turned on.  If you have school aged children then maybe you look forward to this time of the year as the end of their vacation and the beginning of yours!

However you look at it, the fact remains that once the new school year begins, so does the inevitable fund raising efforts sponsored by the schools.  It could be that the drill team needs extra travel funds to participate in a national competition, or the band needs new uniforms, or even a general fund raiser for supplies that are not covered by the budget.

Typically when a school initiates a fund raising effort, the burden falls on the individual students which in turn means that the parents are ultimately responsible for meeting the quota for their children.  To make thinks worse, the items that are sold to raise funds are cheesy at best.  They range from Candy bars, scented candles, holiday wrapping papers, calendars, and this list of high margin trinkets goes on and on and on.

What is a parent to do?  The last thing you want to do as a responsible parent is to send your children out on the street going door to door.  If you work in an office environment then maybe you can count on your co-workers to come through.  The last thing you want or need is to have to foot the entire quota yourself.  Who can afford to do that?

Here is an idea that will solve all of your problems…have a CASINO PARTY!  By teaming up with a couple of other parents that are in the same boat you can host a casino party designed to raise all of the funds needed to cover the cost of hosting the casino party and the fund raising quota, AND you can use the school’s fund raising trinkets as the prizes for your guests.  It is a WIN-WIN for everyone.  The children stay safe, the adults have a fun and exciting party, and the fund raising takes care of itself.

Contact iHostPoker and mention code SFR11 to see what kind of discount you can get for holding this kind of school fundraiser!

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