Another satisfied customer

Hold on to your seats! We had the privilege to work with Bill Heur and his team at iHost Poker. iHost Poker not only provided quality casino tables but great service and energetic dealers! As the host of my husband’s 40th birthday Casino Night, I felt like a guest at the party I was hosting! All I did was provide food, DJ and iHost Poker. The guest had a great time, great memories were made and party guests are still talking about Casino Night weeks later!
T-Bone, Ace and an additional dealer were the real deal! They were professional, entertaining, taught party goers how to play the game if unfamiliar with the table and ensured the entire guest list joined in on the table fun!
Jay arrived early the day of the party to setup the tables and chairs. With a 55% forecast of rain, we were somewhat hesitant to hold our backyard bash. Jay recommended we set up the tables under the tent and proceed as planned. Not only did the setup occur without a hitch, the dealers arrived an hour before the party time and had a seamless exit.
If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, iHost Poker is your answer!

LaToya Rainwater

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