Adult Swim

We all know the old saying that ‘You can’t please all of the people all of the time”.  This is especially true for Tracy who is the social chairperson for a Friendswood subdivision home owners association.  Tracy has a budget for putting together three social events per year at the subdivision’s community center.  Since the highlight of the community center is the neighborhood pool, the obvious choice for a social event is a pool party.  But after a few pool parties, the feedback started coming in from the residents:

“But not everyone swims”,

“How about an Adults Only party where we can meet our neighbors”,

“Pool parties are nice, but let’s do something different”.

Taking these comments to heart, Tracy went outside of the box and contacted iHostPoker to host an evening pool-side Casino Night for the neighborhood residents.  This was not the typical home casino party, but it had more of a ‘home’ flavor than one of our corporate casino parties.  Black Jack, Craps, Roulette, and Texas Hold ’em were the games of the evening as the Friendswood subdivision residents came made their way over to the community center and had the time of their lives!

By the end of the evening when the dealing was done and the gift bags were raffled off, we could hear Tracy asking her guests if the casino party theme was the kind of social event they were looking for.  The comments were a resounding “YEAH!” and “More Casino Parties” and a few saying “Let’s do it again tomorrow”.  Heck yeah…we’re up for it!

I think Tracy will be a “shoe-in” for retaining her seat as the social coordinator!  Thanks for having us.

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  1. Greg S says:

    I want to personally thank iHostPoker for one of the most entertaining parties I’ve been to in a long while. My wife and I were skeptical at first about a casino party at the community pool, but after seeing the professional tables and dealers we felt just like Las Vegas was brought to your neighborhood for the evening!

    We are looking forward to the next event. Keep up the great work!

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