A very nice email from our client on Tuesday 1/21/14

This is why we do what we do at iHostPoker! I have the best team on the planet!

Letter form our client last night:
Hi Bill,

Having a casino company for the entertainment at our events has been the “norm” at Mexican Restaurants Inc. for many years. However, it has never been the “norm” that our managers and those that participated in the casino activities to be asking us the next day for the casino company information so that they can hire you for an event! The feedback that I have received today has been outstanding enough to make me want to pass it on to you

The dealers were fun and personable, (not stuffy and rigid, as we have had before), they were flexible and kept it fresh with the participants. There was a noticeable difference in your company than in others we have experienced. You definitely exceeded our expectations, and I know for sure that I hit the jackpot when I hired the ihostpoker team for our GM party!

So in closing, thanks again to yourself and Jay. He represents the company well and was very personable and helpful…….I really loved the story of you two being from Vegas and best friends!

I will be in touch when its time for our next event.


Melanie Barnes

Hospitality Coordinator

Training & Recruiting

Mexican Restaurants Inc.

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