A Holiday Reunion to Remember

As you all know, the holiday season is the busiest time of the year for iHostPoker.  It is not uncommon for us to have seven or eight events going on simultaneously on a given night in the month of December.  And even though most of it is now a blur, in retrospect there was one small event that stood out from the crowd.

La Colombe d'Oro

The location was La Colombe d’Oro, a hotel on Montrose Boulevard directly across the street from the Chinese embassy.  The place has more of a ‘Bed & Breakfast’ feel to it than a hotel.  They properly label themselves as a ‘Boutique Hotel’.  The art work hanging throughout the place with some serious price tags on them let you know that this is an exclusive venue.  Their website claims that for the last 30 years they have ‘…welcomed some of the world’s most influential and intriguing people to Houston’.  When influential guests are in need of some gaming equipment and professional dealers, the BEST naturally calls in THE BEST…iHostPoker!

Art Gallery

When our dealers arrived, they were escorted to a private dinning area located on the top floor.  It all seemed like a mystery…would it be Foreign Dignitaries?  Ambassadors?   Business Tycoons?  No.  As it turns out these guests would be more influential than any of the above.  These were our LEADERS OF TOMORROW!

Seated among three dinning tables in the loft wrapping up their meals were a group of college students and their fathers.  These were first year college students who were all good friends in high school.  What a great idea!  A reunion with close friends to catch up and compare notes on their first year away from home, and a night out with dad.  A little dinner, a few cocktails, lots of story telling…and lets throw in a friendly little poker tournament just to keep it interesting.

Nine students and nine dads made for eighteen players broken into three tables of six players each.  Needless to say, everyone had a great time and everyone learned a lot about the game of No Limit Texas Hold’em from the professional dealers with iHostPoker.  The tournament winner told us “Sure we could have brought our own cards and chips and dealt the game ourselves, but we wanted it done right.  Our focus for the night was enjoying the company of our friends and dads.  We decided to leave the dealing to the pros.  It’s the best decision we’ve made and we’ll be doing it again next year and hopefully for many years to come.”

It is our honor and privilege.  iHostPoker prides itself on providing a quality service at a great value to its customers.  It is even more satisfying when it is recognized and appreciated.

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